New cases per day 7-day average

Have we reached the peak? One of the most important questions is whether we can keep the healthcare system from being overburdened. Despite a great effort in increasing capacity there is a limit to how high peaks the system can handle. This chart shows new cases per day (using a 7-day rolling average) for our three key figures from above.

Keep in mind that the number of people being tested also changes so it might be the case that the number of diagnosed cases continue to increase simply because more people are getting tested. The peaks for deaths and intensive care patients should indicate peaks in a more reliable way but have some lag.

More details and a lot more charts can be found on the sub pages: Deaths, cases samt healthcare

Source deaths and cases: (last update: )
Source intensive care: Svenska intensivvårdsregistret (last update: )

Regions in Sweden deaths and cases

Source: (last update: )

Exponential growth and epidemics by 3Blue1Brown

Simulating an epidemic by 3Blue1Brown


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Every day new official numbers are presented by Folkhälsomyndigheten and on the news but often without the proper context. On this site I try to present current data on Covid-19 that is interesting from a Swedish perspective, using charts that provide context and gives us an idea about what the current situation actually looks like.

Please carefully read the introductory text of the charts to better understand what I am trying to show and why. Also, note that several of the charts use a logarithmic scale by default, making an exponential increase look like a straight line. So always keep an eye on the y-axis and switch between the linear / logarithmic view to get a better feel for the data. To better understand exponential growth, have a look at the videos at the bottom of the page.

Sources: Johns Hopkins CSSE, Folkhälsomyndigheten, Svenska intensivvårdsregistret and